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How To Eat Burger In Healthy Way

Are you a burger fan? Behind the delicacy, burgers actually contain many bad fats are closely related to heart disease and obesity. Although categorized as junk food, but these foods remain popular and no shortage of fans. Some people also sort out burgers with salads and tomatoes are healthier. In fact, the salt content in the burger is high enough. Not to mention the use of processed meat that is known to have adverse health effects. Eating burgers are okay. But if you want to stay slim and healthy, there are tactics to be done so that a more healthy favorite burger eaten and does not harm the diet program. Visit our website and get a Happy Hour Menu. Here are some healthy ways to eat a burger.

Mostly sold Mayonnaise made mostly from soybean oil, corn oil and other types of oil mixed with omega 6 fats. Although omega 6 is good for health its unbalanced ratio risks health, it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Mayonnaise is also high in calories, in a tablespoon of mayonnaise contains about 57 calories.

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