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Easy Ways Of Enjoying Netflix On TV

Netflix comes as a paid service for watching their various content in streaming. That is, you need an internet connection to watch their shows. Even though it’s in the form of streaming, it doesn’t mean you can only watch Netflix via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, some people want to enjoy it on TV, and now we’d like to share with you some tips for it. Meanwhile, perhaps you also want to know how to change region netflix.

Use The Smart TV App

The world of Smart TV operating systems is indeed still confusing to date. Since Firefox TV officially closed operating since 2016, currently there are four Smart TV operating systems that are still in use.

However, even though the core of this operating system is still identical, in fact, none of them have a similar interface.

This is like what happened when the new Android era was born, each manufacturer tried to make changes to the operating system in their own way.

Fortunately these four operating systems have the Netflix application in them. Some of them even provide Netflix as a prefix application and provide a shortcut button on the remote control.

Using Chromecast

The application on Smart TV is very dependent on the quality of the television hardware itself. If it is indeed inadequate, this application will run slowly and quite often experience interference. Then what is the solution?

Buy Chromecast, attach it to Smart TV, then broadcast Netflix directly from your smartphone or tablet via the mobile application. To activate it on the Chromecast, you can just open the Netflix application on your smartphone or tablet then touch the cast icon in the top right corner.

You will see several devices available. Choose one to connect to it. The connection process will only take a few seconds.

Use Miracast

Miracast is dubbed as a wireless alternative to an HDMI cable. The Wi-Fi Alliance completed this Miracast technology at CES 2013 and since then Miracast is available for Windows 8.1-based devices and after and all Android-based devices.

From the receiver side, the Roku and Amazon Fire Stick devices can already use Miracast. The average Smart TV now also has this technology directly in it.

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