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3 Tips for Planting Rose Flowers, Room Decoration Preparation at Eid Later

Beautiful rose colors and distinctive fragrance make this ornamental plant never lose a fan. This plant is more developed in cold or cool air regions. Roses aren’t actually tropical plants, but in Southeast Asia, some species will leaf green throughout the year. This plant is a bramble or vine that can reach 2 to 5 meters high. For vines, roses can reach 20 meters. In the meantime, you may go to floristerias medellin if you look for high-quality flowers sanangel.

Roses have many types. Based on the nature of growth can be grouped into four large groups. Namely bush roses that are often planted as hedgerows, roses in pots or dwarf roses, tree roses, and rose lianas that grow vines. Roses can grow well anywhere, both in pots and in open land.

Consider the following how to complete planting roses, starting from the preparation stage to the maintenance stage.

1. Preparation stage

The first step, prepare the planting media to be used. Use a mixture of soil, sand, and manure or compost in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. Later, before placing the planting media in the pot, place tile fragments or charcoal 1 cm to one-third thick in the bottom of the pot. Unlike planting in open land, the growth of root plants in pots will be limited.

Choose a pot that is large enough, and made of clay. Pot made of clay has enough pores.

2. Planting roses

After preparing the planting media, pots, and roses remove the rose seeds from the polybag, then plant them in a pot. Don’t forget, you have to water the plants. Place the pot in a place that receives lots of sunlight.

3. Caring for roses

The treatment of roses is not only limited to watering. In addition to watering plants every day, you should also clean weeds in pots.

Fertilization is also needed before your roses bloom, flowering, and when the rosebuds look wilted. Give fertilizer a week to two weeks after planting. After that, give the fertilizer back regularly every three to four months.

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